Center - Active Shooter Defense Program

- Active Shooter Defense Programm -
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- Training Location -
GKMF Headquarter
Krav Maga Gelsenkirchen / Sportstudio THE BASE
45891 Gelsenkirchen
We have been around since the year 2000, our best is highly qualified training and to offer certifications.
with multiple qualifications and certifications
    • we form trainers and instructors for many years
    • we are official partner of our local city
    • we train security guards and companies
    • we do vocational training
everyone is welcome!
+49-209-1656222 / +49-176-43194628
[email protected] / [email protected]
We have almost 1500sqm / 2
  • Divided into 4 training halls we offer seminars in in theory and practice.
  • We offer instructor courses and all kinds of scenariotraining.
  • There is no problem to divide groups and train them to their respective standard.
We have a lot of training equipment and utensils of all kinds
Whether for self-defense, sparring, Law Enforcement training or Force on Force scenarios, we can offer whatever is neccesarry for it

- and sometimes even a little bit more!
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