Instructors Course - Active Shooter Defense Program

- Active Shooter Defense Programm -
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Become an
Active Shooter Defense Instructor

Become part of the team und teach the  ASD Programm on schools and workplaces!
For several years the team around the GKMF and PROTECT ACADEMY show people how to teach
the  ASD Programm on their own and halp to save lives.

  • alt leat.21 Jahre old
  • german or english language
  • having a clean backround
  • average physical fitness
  • the will and willingness to teach other people something

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350€ / members of GKMF/PROTECT/FIMA: 250€
  • incl. catering, lecture and
  • 1 training rifle

GKMF Headquarter
Krav Maga Gelsenkirchen / Sportstudio THE BASE
45891 Gelsenkirchen
Here you can choose, which seminar you would like to attend.
  • public seminar on 6.2.2022
  • instructors ACourse on 5.2. and 6.2.2022
Aus soon as we get yout message, we will get in contact with you

 public seminar
 Instructors Course

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