What is the ASD - Active Shooter Defense Program

- Active Shooter Defense Programm -
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theory and practice
You can join the ASD-Program and the public seminars without pre-knowledge from 18 years on.
The Truth
To prevent a rampage / active shooter situation or its beginning , is almost impossible.
What nobody likes to hear is the fact, that there will be always victims!

At the point it "beginns" , there is only one thing that matters:
How many people can be saved and who is doing it?
Is an individual or a group capable to stop the assassin?

Maybe YOU are the 1st Responder!
what we teach:
mental preparation an background knowledge
scenario-training and  pressure drills
Active Shooter Defense Program

What should be done in the event of a rampage / active shooter situation at a school or a company?
 -Preventive training for teachers and employers-

The ACTIVE SHOOTER DEFENSE program was developed primarily to increase safety in schools
and companies and to highlight the need for realistic training.

The program is intended to show that the proposed solutions so far are often impractical and / or unrealistic.

The suggested solutions of the ACTIVE SHOOTER DEFENSE include active and passive measures , not only to "be a hard target", but not even to "be recognized as a target".

The measures do not have to be limited to this. This is to be ensured by using different behaviors, that these targets get unattractive for an potential attacker.

An Active Shooter situation often stops between 10-15mint,
so much sooner before Law enforcement will be able to arrive.
So it is important to prepare people mentally as well as physically for such a situation.

There is a higher risk for our kids and
employees to get injured or killed by violence, than through fire.
At every school, every workplace od office there are smoke detectors, fire extinguisher, sprinkler systems and emergency exits.

A lot of money will be invested in these security measures, people and businesses
Es wird eine Menge Geld in diese Sicherheitsmaßnahmen investiert. Menschen und Betriebe are required to meet certain safety standards. And that's good.

Why not invest more in training, that can protect our children just as much or more?

behavior at an active shooter situation
• statitistics
tactical ways of protection
• what means RUN – HIDE – FIGHT?
• training different scenarios
• easy ways to disarm a gun or rifle
• different stress-drills
• teaching samples

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